DS3 S8 Drug Safe

With Morphine Lockable Storage Compartment

  • Manufactured to Health [Drugs & Poisons] Regulations 1996
  • Designed for QAS, Pharmacies, Chemists, Hospitals, Clinics etc. 10mm Steel construction
  • Optional Locking on Main Door Key – Combination – Digital
  • S8 Lockable Compartment – Key Lock

Safe specifically designed to store all types of drugs with lockable storage compartment 140mm H x 430mm W x 85mm D for the safe storage of all S8 type drugs. Electronic Digital locking provides user with options of 9, 49 up to 99 users depending on size of personnel. Software & cable can be purchased to track users with your pc or laptop. Safe weight 80 kgs.

Options for Locking on main door:

  1. Ross 6 Lever Key Lock with 2 keys
  2. 3 wheel Combination Lock
  3. Electronic Digital Lock with basic operation or multiple user programming.
DS3 S8 Drug Safe

Standard Features:

  • Australian Made
  • 10mm Steel Plate Body
  • 10mm Steel Door
  • Bolt Fixing Holes 4×4
  • Rear Locking Bar
  • Hardened Lock Plates


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  • Government Safes

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